Blogging and Reading Goals // Challenges of 2016!

As 2015 draws to a close, books are shut and put away for a rainy day, bookshelves become heavy with the daunting weight of hardcovers and paperbacks alike, and you, the reader, choose to relax for the remainder of your days. Oh who am I kidding, your hands are probably itching for the release of your most anticipated release, and those books you just got for Christmas? Boy oh boy, they can't wait to be opened too. 

Hello and welcome folks, it's time for me to express to you all my blogging and reading goals, and reading challenges for the New Year. 

Blogging Goals:

1) I would really like to be more organized when it comes to my blogging. These past few months I've been blogging on a whim and just stacking drafts of posts without an idea of what I was gonna type for them. This year, I wanna plan out my posts ahead of time and potentially create my own bullet journal. 

2) I wanna comment more on other blogs! While I've commented quite a lot this year, I'd like to comment more and engage with outer bloggers. It's become quite difficult for me to comment just because I usually read posts on my phone and you can't usually comment like that, but I shall make it my goal to get on my laptop and comment.

3) Host a giveaway! 

4) Conduct my first discussion post. I've had some topics I've wanted to start discussion posts about, but alas I've been afraid to start them. I hope this year I find some grounding and decide to post some.

5) No ARC envy! While I've never actually felt any envy towards another blogger for the ARCs they receive, I hope I continue to be like this in 2016. I find great joy in seeing other bloggers receive copies of ARCs they've been dying for and I'll continue to. If I receive ARCs then yippee! If not, then oh well, but I've got a bunch of other books waiting for me. 

Reading Goals:

1) Read at least 75 books. 

2) Complete at least half of my reading challenges.

Reading Challenges

1) A Series A Month

This challenge is quite self explanatory. The goal of this challenge is read at least one series each month and must at least two full length books. You can find out more at Love At First Page!
*If you've got a suggestion as to what series I should read first, comment below and let me know!*

2) 2016 Debut Author Challenge

The focus of this challenge is to introduce readers to the debut authors of 2016. So the challenge is to read 12 (or more) debuts this year! You can find out more at That Artsy Reader Girl

3) POPSUGAR's Ultimate Reading Challenge

There are forty different categories in this challenge and I'm hoping to complete at least half of these. You can find out more at POPSUGAR's Reading Challenge 2016.

*As of right now these are all the challenges I am participating in, but I may find more within the next few days and decide to participate so watch out for that! 

I'm hoping you all have a lovely New Year! What challenges are you participating in?