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Eighteen years ago a baby was born in the jungle, surrounded by tall, ever-flourishing trees and thick, thorn covered flowers, with vines that scoured the jungle floor. The baby, whose brown eyes shone like the sun's kisses, was alive and well, cradled by her mother's furry, meaty hands- wait, what?

Well, hello there. Seems you have stumbled across this page searching for more information about me, myself, and I. If you've made it this far, I'd say my little introduction really sucked you in, huh? My name is Lillie, and while I wasn't born on the jungle floor and my mother is certainly not a gorilla, I do have brown eyes and they do shine like the sun's kisses.

I am an avid reader, character enthusiast, and bookish extraordinaire. I've spent the majority of my life with my head in the clouds, dreaming of a great and wild adventure with my best friends by my side. When my head's not stuck in the clouds, I'm probably stressing over mile high piles of homework and my approaching future. I currently attend the University of Florida and have been involved with the arts since my little limbs knew how to move on their own. I've been dancing for thirteen years, with tap being my biggest passion and contemporary/modern following in a close second.

Reading has become a sort of escape for me when times get rough. I can imagine myself floating through the solar system, or exploring the deep sea. I can escape to far off kingdoms with magic and fall in love with princes of the sort. I started this blog as a way to spread my love for these stories that took me on journeys I never thought were imaginable.

In case you were confused about my blog name and why it's borderline childish, I used it because growing up my family called me Little Lillie. I am the youngest in the family, so Lil Lil worked out perfectly. This is a way to carry along with me a bit of my past - a reminder of the happiness I had as a child when I first learned to read and continued on with that passion.


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