Falling Kingdoms Readalong

Hello everyone! As I said in the beginning of the year, one of the things I want to do is catch up on a few series. In fact, I asked you all what series YOU wanted to read in 2016 and a few people said Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes, enough to say, "Well, why not do a readalong?"
So that is what we did.
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Falling Kingdoms Readalong

with the Kingdom Readers!

The Falling Kingdoms Readalong will be, well, a readalong of Morgan Rhodes' YA fantasy series, Falling Kingdoms. The hosts are:
In case you don't know, Falling Kingdoms is, in short, a young adult fantasy series that focuses on three kingdoms and four champions whose lives become intertwined in a war between the kingdoms
Though we are announcing this today, we won't start the first book, Falling Kingdoms, until January 18th.
The full schedule right now looks like this:
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Falling Kingdoms (Book One): Jan 18th- Feb. 1st

Rebel Spring (Book Two): Feb 2nd- Feb 16th

Gathering Darkness (Book Three): Feb 17th - Mar 3rd

Frozen Tides (Book Four): Mar 4th- Mar 18th!

Want to know more? Don't have the book? That's okay! Find the Goodreads and Book Depository links below.
Falling Kingdoms: Goodreads | Book Depository
Rebel Spring: Goodreads  | Book Depository
Gathering Darkness: Goodreads  | Book Depository
Frozen Tides: Goodreads  | Book Depository
Feel free to join in at anytime! For example, if you already read the first book, join us on reading the second book! It's also perfectly fine if these are rereads for you. This is a pretty relaxed readalong; we are giving everyone including ourselves two weeks to read each book, with a day in-between. The Kingdom Readers will also conduct a discussion at the end of each book so stay tuned for that!

Let me know if you are participating in the comments below!