About Me

Hello! My name is Lillie and I am here to give just a brief background on my life!

I am currently attending a performing arts school and am entering my senior year! I am a dance major who dabbles a bit in musical theater. I enjoy participating in extracurricular activities such as softball. I've been a very avid reader since I was young a child and have thankfully taken that hobby with me all throughout middle and high school. Reading has been a way to escape my everyday life and immerse myself in a world that is completely mine to imagine.

As to why my blog's name is 'Little Lillie Reads,' my nickname when I was growing up was Lil Lil, for Little Lillie, so I just decided to bring that back - plus it has a nice ring to it.

I mostly read books in the young adult, fantasy, and dystopian genre, but I do also enjoy reading paranormal, contemporary, historical fiction, and mystery/thrillers.

Happy reading!