Tuning The Tale #3

This is a weekly feature I have started to share my love of music while combining it with the amazing stories I read on the daily. I'll be sharing either a playlist with you all each week! Along with this, I'll be analyzing the lyrics and pointing out parallels between the books and the songs. I hope you enjoy!

Lady Midnight 
Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy
Let It Go by James Bay
My Heart Got Caught on Your Sleeve by Lucius
Somebody Else by The 1975
When We Were Young by Adele
Love Is The End by Keane
TOO GOOD by Troye Sivan
All For You by Imagine Dragons
One Million Bullets by Sia 
I first found out about Fire and Flood by Vance Joy over on Cassie's Tumblr, where she was asked about a Lady Midnight playlist. This was on of the songs she used and I thought it was so wonderful for the book, that I wanted to use it for my playlist! Like she explains, a specific lyric is part of a very important poem in the book.

  • "You're the fire and the flood, and I'll always feel you in my blood"
Along with that, this song is perfect for summing up some couples (some more than others, ahem) in the book, which is what I thought of first before I saw Cassie pointing out the similarities between the song and the poem. 
  • "I been getting used to waking up with you, I been getting used to waking up here"
Let It Go has been in my head for pretty much the entirety of the past few weeks, so when I finished the book one of my most immediate thoughts was "holy crap, this fits perfectly."
  • "From walking home and talking lows, seeing chirps in evening clothes with you" 
This made me think about all the times Emma and Julian would sleep in each others beds to scare away the nightmares, and how they would wake up to each other's breathing - calming one another. 
  • "Now we're slipping near the edge, holding something we don't need. Oh this delusion in our heads, is gonna bring us to our knees."
If you're not catching my drift yet, lemme give you another line ok,
  • "I used to recognize myself, it's funny how reflections change. When we're becoming something else, I think it's time to walk away"
Honestly, 'nuff said.

When I first heard My Heart Got Caught on Your Sleeve by Lucius, I thought the song and lyrics were super captivating. It somehow got me thinking about the ocean, which we all know plays a big part in Lady Midnight
  • "My heart got caught on your sleeve; I need it please, give it back to me." 
This line reminded me of a select few of couples in the book and I could see it coming from multiple points of views. 
  • "The guilt of just a thought can break your heart; sometimes wish we never met, cause now I fear the best" 
*flails* this is literally Emma throughout the second half of the book (somewhat)

Somebody Else was the first song I heard off of The 1975's new album, and lemme tell you it's a beautiful creation. 
  • "So I heard you found somebody else, and at first, I thought it was a lie"
This song could be seen as more of an assumption to what will happen in book two, but it was hinted throughout the book with slight tinges of jealousy from certain characters. If you've finished the book, I'm almost certain you know which two characters I'm talking about (it's the last chapter - last line!!).

I'm sure you've all heard this beaut of a song on the radio recently, but When We Were Young by Adele had me thinking about Blackstairs a lot recently. 
  • "Everybody loves the things you do - from the way you talk, to the way you move
This really reminded me of a part in the book where Julian was telling Emma how he can always recognize when she's walking to his room, because she walks a certain way and fills the room with a different sort of energy.

The overall message of the song reminds me of Blackstairs a lot - it makes me emo

Love Is The End was the song Cassie used for the short story she wrote on Tessa and Jem following the events of City of Heavenly Fire. After reading the last few chapters of Lady Midnight, the title of this song may make a little more sense as to why I chose it for this playlist. 
  • "Singing a song with your feet on the dashboard, a cigarette streaming into the night. These are the things that I want to remember, want to remember you by."
In the book, Emma says whenever Julian drives she always puts her feet up on the dashboard. Which, lets be real, is probably one of the little things Julian loves about her. 
  • "I took off my clothes and I ran to the ocean, looking for somewhere to start anew. And when I was drowning in that holy water, all I could think of was you."
chapters 17 and 18. 

TOO GOOD by Troye Sivan made me think of Mark and a certain somebody whilst in Faerie. 
  • "Fingers walk your thigh, breath my love, get high. And oh I'm so scared, oh I'm so scared it's just for tonight. So I take a sip, wait till it hits, that liquid guilt is on my lips - I'm wasted on you."
All For You by Imagine Dragons made me think about chapters 17 and 18 (again - they are very important chapters, lemme tell you). 
  • "I get tossed by the ocean, all deep in the sand. I'm drowned out by thunder, lost in a land."
I was getting vibes of how people feel when they're falling in love with someone or realizing how much someone means to them. 
  • "Is anyone listening? Is anyone around to see that I'm doing it all for you?"
*screeches* blackstairs!

To be completely honest, I think One Million Bullets by Sia is the anthem of Lady Midnight. The entire song covers the essence and meaning behind the story - plus, Sia is a brilliant performer. 
  • "Under the moonlight, under your moonlit gaze, I know that I'd take one million bullets babe"
Everyone at the LA Institute would do anything for each other and I think this song is a prime example of their relationship (and a little bit more for certain people ahem)
  • "So take me in your arms, take me for all I have, cause I'd give my life for one of your belly laughs" 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and enjoyed Lady Midnight as much as I did! It was so much fun to find songs that fit the book and honestly brought me so much more emotions than before.