Books as Corgis #2

Hello and welcome to another edition of Books as Corgis. I got so many positive comments on the first one, that I thought I might as well continue bringing you these joyous posts. Please welcome, Books as Corgis #2!

Of Poseidon
by Anna Banks

  • this corgi has taken on a mermaids tail and so, I've paired her with of poseidon (even though I haven't read it yet). pretty sure the main character of this book is a mermaid and there's romance involved in-between the waves of the ocean with a human boy. it sounds quite promising and since there aren't an abundance of mermaid novels to choose from, I should pick this one up soon. while reading it, maybe I'll pick up one of those mermaid tails tibby has.
Summer of Sloane
by Erin L. Schneider

  • summer of sloane was one of my favorite debuts of 2016. the story was so easy to read and yet so addicting; I fell in love with the characters and the setting (you can read my review for it here if you're interested). this corgi here reminded me of the Hawaiian setting with his floral shirt and laid-back style. I sure wish I was laying in the sand with my best friends and this cute pup by my side.
The Darkest Minds
by Alexandra Bracken

  • the darkest minds has a cast of characters is single handedly one of the best squads ever in existence. ruby, liam, zu, and chubs, the four of them save the world and carry each other's weight on their shoulders and I just love them so much. in this picture of corgis, you see seven little ones which I consider a squad equivalent to that of the black betty squad. plus, ruby, liam, zu, and chubs are like puppies anyways, so it works out.
by Marissa Meyer

  • for this corgi with a donut around its nose, I decided to use heartless, just because it was the first book that came to my mind when I thought of baking. I'm sure y'all already know that catherine makes some of the most succulent treats, because I was always hungry whilst reading it. now, if you have a book that has more food in it, please tell me in the comments below, because I'm always looking for books like that. 
by Lucy Keating

  • for some reason, the way this corgi's eyes are closed reminds me of the cover of dreamology. if you're looking for a very cute contemporary read with magic realism, this is the perfect book for you. this was, again, one of my favorite debuts of 2016 (they killed it - they really did). I love how calm and precious this corgi looks. I wish I could find this much bliss, but alas, college is love college is life.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! Once again, I had so much fun looking for books to pair with these corgis. I find that my google search history is always extremely strange after these posts (I searched up YA books with donuts, so). Thanks for stopping by!!