Book Boyfriends: Evan Walker from The 5th Wave


I have seen many participate in this, specifically Reading Lark and so I decided I would give it a shot! Every monday I'll post a new favorite. Here are my book boyfriends!

Happy Monday everyone! It's time for another Book Boyfriend. 

Evan Walker, from The 5th Wave trilogy, stole my heart this past weekend after finishing the first two books in the trilogy. The genre of this book is very post-apocolyptic, so it was surprising to find a romance branch out of it, but I found that the survival theme in this story brought the characters really close together. 

Evan is described to have a dreamy, lopsided smile and brown puppy dog eyes, and is said to resemble a teenage version of the guy from the Brawny Paper Towels label. He has a very enigmatic personality --- a lot of depth and layers to peel away --- which is probably why I enjoy his character so much. Everything that is at the surface is amplified more in his heart and soul, making him an evener kinder and gentler person. He is very protective and has an emotional depth that is not something you would have guessed in the beginning, but is very noticeable at the end. I do consider him to be an alpha male because he is agile, intelligent, and meticulous, and is the perfect balance between dangerous and super sweet.

My Evan Walker Fancast:

As we all know, The 5th Wave movie is coming out January 16, 2016, so Evan Walker has already been casted and although I love Alex Roe for Evan, there is still someone I would've loved for the role.

Why yes, that is Beau Mirchoff with his classy good looks and adorable lopsided grin (just like Evan). 

Some of my favorite Evan Walker quotes:

1. "'I had it all wrong," he says. "Before I found you, I thought the only way to hold on was to find something to live for. It isn't. To hold on, you have to find something you're willing to die for.'"

2. "'I think that's the way it is. When you love someone. Something happens to them, and it's a punch in the heart. Not like a punch in the heart; a real punch in the heart.'"

3. "You're the mayfly."

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