Friday 56: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

For any post here I am simply grabbing a book and turning to page 56 and choosing a couple of lines that grab my attention. Friday 56 is hosted by Freda's Voice.

Woohoo! First week of senior year over and done with! Here's to a good weekend!

I just started Throne of Glass last night and I am completely hooked, so I decided, since the book is already in my hands, to use this as today's Friday 56!

"He leaned against a table, a hand still on his sword. At least one of them remembered that they were alone together in the library. "Reading is a bit out of fashion, I'm afraid." 
"Yes, well - more for me to read, then."
"Read? These belong to the king." 
"It's a library, isn't it?" 
"It's the king's property, and you aren't of noble blood. You need permission from either him or the prince." 
"I highly doubt either would notice the loss of a few books."
Chaol sighed. "It's late. I'm hungry."
"So? " she said. He growled and practically dragged her from the library."