Harry Potter #1: Favorite Ship

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a weekly meme created by Uncorked Thoughts. Each week there is a new question about Harry Potter and all you must do is answer the question! This is an excellent way to keep the celebration of Harry Potter alive.

Favorite Ship

Here it is! My very first Harry Potter Moment of the week! My favorite ship would have to be Nymphadora/Remus. Their love for each other was always so obvious through even the subtlest of actions. I feel like they balanced each other out so well - Tonks was there to cheer Lupin up, and Lupin was there to keep Tonks grounded. Even through Lupin's heavy load as a werewolf, Tonks stuck by his side.

There is a new piece of information that was released by J.K. Rowling two years ago about how Tonks and Lupin met. The two were introduced to each other through the Order of the Phoenix and from there Lupin took a liking to Tonks. Remus considered himself so unclean and unworthy, that it never occurred to him Tonks may return the feelings. However, when Remus noticed the love Tonks felt for him, he felt an immediate surge of happiness. From there on, the rest is history.