10 Wishes For The Book Genie

I've been watching this meme float around a lot, so I've finally decided to join in the fun! This meme was created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday there is a new list that involves all things books! 

Top ten wishes for the book genie

1) I wish for an endless amount of cash to account for my book splurging (or maybe just an endless supply of books?).

2) I wish for more book shelves, because the pile on my table is a bit unstable!

3) I wish for the length of waiting for sequels to be shorter - much shorter.

4) I wish for every Harry Potter book ever! UK covers, illustrated versions - you name em, I want em.

5) I wish to have a nice brunch with Leigh Bardugo where we'll discuss all things quirky and cute.

6) I wish for more bookish things such as bookmarks, merchandise (t-shirts, posters), and those book related scented candles! 

7) I wish to have all of my books signed by their corresponding authors.

8) I wish to have the ability of speed reading, so I can finally get through my to-be-read pile!

9) Did I already wish for more money?

10) I wish for a massive collaborative tour with all of my favorite authors! I think that would be so much fun!